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Do you have a thorough search underway for the finest cryptocurrency exchange? You don’t need additional searches because offers various services. Even if it doesn’t necessarily appear as the first on your search list, you must give it a shot and take advantage of different trading services. In the trade sector, emerged in 2013. As a result, it stands out as one of the first cryptocurrency trading platforms in the market. The trading industry includes dozens of currencies that appear on the internet virtually daily. Therefore, it is challenging for cryptocurrency investors to evaluate which coins need worthwhile investments. However, is a fantastic cryptocurrency trading platform with the primary goal of resolving associated trading issues. is capable of providing essential information on the majority of cryptocurrency markets. Therefore, it concentrates on more than just the crypto trading services with significant activity under digital currencies. A trading strategy like this helps traders thoroughly understand how to conduct profitable trades.

You may use the site to see the varied values of many coins, some of which are coupled with the four well-known cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDT, and QTUM.

Additionally, it excels at giving its traders access to real-time market data. The portal provides data on current coin prices, trading activity, stability, and price fluctuations for all supported cryptocurrencies. Information presented on this platform uses a graphical approach so traders can easily view the markets at a glance.

The simplicity of the trading platform

There are crucial elements to consider when building a crypto trading platform. Simplicity is among these factors, and doesn’t fail to include this essential entity in its development. Even though the platform may look complex and complicated, it is vital to understand its easy-to-use characteristic. Using the platform requires you to first register for an account. Next, you must select the market you want to trade at this stage. The platform has primary coins or markets to consider QTUM, USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum markets. Select an option that best suits your trading needs. However, you also can create a custom market – this allows you to preselect the cryptocurrency pairs you want to focus on during your trading activities. strongly emphasizes ensuring that traders can quickly access trading services through mobile apps that they can download and install on their smartphones. Such is essential since clients are the center of any cryptocurrency trading platform. As a result, both Android and iOS seamlessly support the app.

Crucial features of the trading platform fees has a low fee on trading transactions, only 0.2%. The cost is deemed to be among the lowest in the trading sector. On, $10 is the minimum order price. The exchange also offers you a discount on your transaction charges when your volume rises. doesn’t impose an account for your payments or transactions in terms of costs.

Deposit and withdrawal options

For financing or withdrawals from the trading account, uses crypto. All account holders on the platform are entitled to free wallets. Such a service is excellent since it does not subject traders to additional expenses, as the case is with specific cryptocurrency platforms. All you have to do to add funds to your account is click on the Wallet link at the top of the official website. By doing this, you may quickly deposit by tapping the “Deposit” button on the right side of the coin you wish to use for the deposit. You will generate the address to deposit the currency by clicking it.

The trading platform employs hot and cold wallets, meaning that the sending and receiving addresses differ significantly. Deposits of digital currencies not supported by the platform result in losses with a high likelihood of no reimbursements being available. Therefore, traders must exercise greater caution and only trade supported cryptocurrencies.

Privacy and security

For security reasons, verification is a crucial procedure while trading on any platform. As a result, verification criteria are essential while conducting transactions. Unfortunately, the verification criteria need to be evident in However, it is assumed that the exchange solely deals in cryptocurrencies and that account holders must not have trader accounts confirmed.

Once it comes to security, the platform employs cold wallets to secure its clients’ funds. Using SSL encryption technology, platform payments are further safeguarded. Customers can also choose whether or not to use the 2-factor authentication service.

Important pros of the exchange platform

The reputation of the platform is less shady because of its excellent performance and trading capabilities. Customers can consequently benefit from a variety of its advantages. Like anything else, the platform has flaws as well. The greater the number of supported cryptocurrencies, the more services the exchange offers traders. Let’s explore more and get a clearer picture of some of the benefits linked to this fantastic crypto trading platform.

Decent security measures

When trading cryptocurrencies, security is an absolute must. Unquestionably, it is the most crucial element of a reputable and long-lasting crypto exchange platform. Even factors like trading pairs and prices are worthless if the site is insecure, irrespective of the discounts it may have.

For amateur cryptocurrency traders, holds its user cryptocurrencies in two distinct wallets: hot and cold. Although it is still being determined how much money is contained in each wallet, the trade using cold wallets is already excellent. Your private keys are kept safe from conceivable attackers and swindlers via cold wallets, physical devices that do not retain an internet connection. Cryptocurrency trading provides the finest form of protection included with mainstream trading systems. also employs the more popular associated security solutions to increase security. In addition, it offers two-factor authentication, which strengthens the protection of your trading account and provides extra protection for any funds you may have for trade.

You can choose to activate customized alerts that will notify you of particular account events as they occur. If suspicious activity were to happen, you would be informed immediately via the proper communication channels.

A good number of supported cryptocurrencies

The range of cryptocurrencies offered by different exchange platforms among the erratic and unpredictable qualities features most of the trading platforms possess. Hence the more trading services traders have access to, the more trading alternatives and coins there are. In contrast to specific platforms that only take a small number of popular cryptocurrencies and assets, offers access to hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. As a result, traders and cryptocurrency experts may easily trade 200 crypto assets on the platform.

Cryptos will increase significantly and provide more currencies because of the rising interest in creating a broad range of crypto-related products. It thus provides cryptocurrency traders with more and better possibilities for trading and exchanging. Furthermore, given that is among the oldest active exchanges, users may anticipate a reasonably broad selection of coins as the trade develops and expands its coin offerings.

Another remarkable feature you should consider is the manageable fees offered on the trading platform.

Cons of exchange

Not fully recognized as a licensed crypto exchange platform

You could hit a stumbling block if you attempted to discover further about’s functioning and its underlying ideas. More precisely, the company’s identity is unknown, and the data about the trading system appears to be private.

Some proponents of crypto consider this to be beneficial. There are also far fewer KYC-related security processes that you would need to pass to start trading if there is no official regulation. It may be seen favorably if you like the decentralized character of cryptocurrencies. However, there is a significant risk involved with such a strategy. There is never an assurance that you won’t accidentally lose the entire crypto you are trading on unlicensed, sometimes insecure platforms.

Fraudsters and crypto hackers are said to frequent these kinds of trades. It is significantly simpler to commit crimes because no rigorous identification verification procedures exist.

Unavailability of fiat purchases 

You can trade fiat currency for crypto on most contemporary exchange platforms. Trading cryptocurrencies is as straightforward as passing some KYC checks, depositing funds with your credit or debit card, and then making your choice. However, not all platform makes such services possible. For example, Fiat currency transactions are not supported by, nevertheless. As a result, you will only be able to buy and sell coins on the site using a select few other currencies.


It is commonly known that the platform is reliable and offers support for various cryptocurrencies. But there are only so many elements on this network that will render it desirable for the dedicated trader. The platform is still in its initial stages. Regarding security, the platform cannot guarantee that trader funds will be safe.